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 Where christians & muslims are united...

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PostSubject: Where christians & muslims are united...   Thu Oct 13, 2011 1:36 pm

Can anyone refer some place where christians & muslims are united?

I can refer you the following:


which sought to be a mediator between East and West, it a portrait of contemporary religion, challenging deeply rooted religious prejudices by revealing the distance between fundamentalist beliefs that support terrorism and the core beliefs of a profoundly humane religion.

“An inquisitive journey… The spectator is taken on a beautifully uncertain journey (physically and psychologically) with a suitable formal closure and even more thought-provoking discursive openness.”—Catalin Brylia, Leonardo Reviews

“Fascinating… the film presents different viewpoints from a moderate middle ground to fundamentalist takes on the larger conflict in the Middle East…..... used to give the viewer a new insight into the current attitude and understanding of religion.”—Cecilie Bolvinkel, Dox Magazine

“Informative… a well-judged combo of travelogue and biopic… a fine piece of anthropology, worthy of the dedication ....‘For people who think.’”—Alissa Simon, Variety

“Lively, entertaining and very topical. A most astounding perspective on multicultural identities.”—Der Falter

“A tactful and astute portrait.”—Kleine Zeitung

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PostSubject: Re: Where christians & muslims are united...   Tue May 29, 2012 12:28 am

it's pretty hard for the two to be united... partly because anyone who takes their doctrine seriously considers the other to be very much in error... if not downright heretical....

so....... i can only imagine such a dialogue is either between folks who are just talking about the moralistic teachings of each, or idealistic misunderstandings of their basic teachings

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Where christians & muslims are united...
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