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 is freedom free? - what is true freedom?

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PostSubject: is freedom free? - what is true freedom?   Wed Jun 04, 2008 3:02 pm


read this... and weigh in...
i'm curious. I posted a somewhat lengthy comment.... there, but here is the text of what I said:

Quote :
while I dont disagree with you in principle, i do in practice.

going in to rid Iraq of a leader such as saddam was absolutely necessary. In the end there are probably just as many innocent people being killed as before he was ousted, but we cannot let the ends have justified the means. we had to do something.

i have a friend who was a gunner in the marines, he said he had to sit on top of a vehicle and gun people down that came too close to the caravan. frequently the combatants would use women and children as shields to get close, he had no choice but to gun them down.

there are several victims there, but evil is still at work...
i wish we could have gotten rid of saddam and never had a problem (i.e. the people all get along), but we live in a fallen world.

true freedom is freedom in christ. but freedom from oppression is something we WILL NOT experience in this life. it doesn't mean we cannot try.

"sometimes a little more than you think you want is still a little less than you actually need"
"brilliance seems too often masked by stupid people"
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PostSubject: Re: is freedom free? - what is true freedom?   Thu Aug 14, 2008 10:03 pm

As Christians, we must try to help out those who are worse off than we. Will we be perfect at it? I WISH. That does not mean we do not try. The political winds shift with time, and the world may disagree, but we should follow the commandments that Christ gave us, one of them 'love your neighbor as yourself'.
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is freedom free? - what is true freedom?
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