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 George Washington

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PostSubject: George Washington   Sun Jun 08, 2008 8:51 pm

I am currently reading a book titled "George Washington And Benedict Arnold: A Tale Of Two Patriots" . It is a wonderful book that discusses how these men handled themselves during the war for Independence. In the first part of the book the author, Dave Palmer, examines their childhood and early adult years. What amazes me is how similar their circumstances were. Not identical, but very similar. However they had very different personalities. Washington was more reserved while Arnold was much more of a fire cracker. Don't get me wrong, George Washington had a very bad temper that he worked to keep under control. I have spent some time studying the life of Washington and while Palmer is correct that Washington was publically reserved and not a rebel by nature, he had a very hot temper that he worked hard to control. I don't know if Palmer will mention that, but so far he has not. Palmer also discusses their path to war, how each of them ended up fighting for the cause of independence.

Btw, Dave R. Palmer is a former superintendent of West Point. He is also a military historian who focuses on the Revolutionary War.

If, by chance, you may wish to read about how Christians viewed the Revolutionary War you should read Mark Noll's book Christians In The American Revolution

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George Washington
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